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Omni Barton Creek Golf Courses

Marketing from A to Z ! - التسويق من الألف إلي الياء

أكبر كورس والأكثر شمولا لكل أقسام التسويق

Rating: 5

Illustrate a Dystopian City, Painting Techniques + Cinema 4D

A beginner to intermediate course covering the creative and technical steps of combining traditional and 3D illustration

Rating: 5

Microsoft Excel: Completo de A a Z + 2 Cursos EXTRAS

O Mais Completo: Tabelas, Gráficos, Funções, Design, VBA. Desenvolva 5 Projetos e Torne-se um Expert no Microsoft Excel!

Rating: 4.73171

Customer Experience (CX) in Industry 4.0

Creating an engaging and rich Customer Experience (CX) in Industry 4.0

Rating: 4.58929

Accent-Reduction/American English Pronunciation Practice

Access to Accent Assets using multimedia and portfolio powers

Rating: 4.5

International Logistics & Transportation in Supply Chain.

Logistics Management, Supply Chain Calculation, Documents & Export Import Logistics, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Rating: 4.4549

3DsMAX for beginners Quick learning

3DsMAX course for absolute beginners

Rating: 4.35

Customer Intelligence and Analytics for Omni-Channel

A managerial perspective on AI, Technology and Data Analytics powered Omni-Channel Marketing/Customer Centric Engagement

Rating: 4.3

E-Commerce 4.0 - The E-Commerce Industry in the Industry 4.0

Understand how Industry 4.0 would transform and disrupt the E-Commerce Industry

Rating: 4.25

Global Air Logistics Management in Supply Chain Management

2021 Air Logistics Management, Logistics Document, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Costing

Rating: 4.1

Customer Service Contact Center Fundamentals

Learn how to make Customer Service Excellent to your business and Contact Center Environments

Rating: 3.92857

项目管理神器---OmniPlan for Mac 中文教程


Rating: 3.875

Point of Sale – A Complete Guide on PoS Systems

All you need to know about Point of Sale systems

Rating: 3.85

Architectural modeling in 3Dsmax for Beginners

Architectural modeling in 3Dsmax for beginners without any prior experience

Rating: 3.7

Kurs Grafika 3D dla początkujących 7 szkoleń online MEGAPACK

Blender 2.8-2.9, UE4, AutoCAD, 3ds max, Maya, Inventor, oraz Rhino 3D. Praktyczne modelowanie i animacje 3D dla każdego.

Rating: 3.65

Philosophy of Existence and Nonexistence

Free to Think Beyond Limits

Rating: 0

Animate a Music Video in Cinema 4D

A beginner to intermediate project-based course for the aspiring 3D motion graphic artist.

Rating: 0

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