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Odyssey Cac Courses

English Vocabulary #13: 67 More Strange Words to Learn

Essential English Grammar and Communication Skills for IELTS and Mastering English as a Second Language

Rating: 5

Radio Post-Production Course

Learn how to produce high-quality radio ads

Rating: 5

Purpose Driven Plan - 11+ For Parents

Guru's Odyssey - How to plan for 11+ Grammar School Exams? All You need to know as parents.

Rating: 4.7

Introduction to Perfumery

Learn with an industry expert!

Rating: 4.54762

English Literature: Be as Informed as a Literature Graduate

The development of English Literature from its earliest texts to the present day

Rating: 4.5119

How To Produce House Music

Getting your House Music production skills to a professional level

Rating: 4.45

Computer Science MetaBootcamp: Beginner to Intermediate 2022

Learn Basics of Programming, Cyber Systems, Python, Cryptography, Web Development, Cybersecurity, Networking, ML & more!

Rating: 4.41667

The Odyssey Code: Seven Steps to Reach Your Dreams

An Amazing Journey of Awakening, Manifestation, Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation

Rating: 4.3

Purpose Driven Business Analyst Career - Advance

Purpose Driven skills for you to become effective and efficient Business Analyst.

Rating: 4.3

Waldorf High School Main Lesson: The Word

The power of Language & Storytelling to unlock mythological archetypes, our Hero's Journey + the History of English

Rating: 4.15

Synth Secrets // From The Basics to Programming Like a Pro

Increasing the fun factor and hugely improving your productions

Rating: 4

Purpose Driven Plan - Retirement Planning (Non Financial)

This course is a Non Financial Guidance for those who want to prepare for "24hr Day" of their retirement.

Rating: 3.95

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