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Octave Courses

Beginner Guitar Lessons Easy Step By Step - Module 2

Beginner Guitar Lessons With a Proven Step By Step Learning Method

Rating: 5

波多江史朗のサクソフォーン入門 vol.1 <初歩編1>| Saxophone(sax) Basic Lesson


Rating: 5

Play Two Octave C Scale on Piano with Both Hands at 200 bpm

Learn the "Airplane Pattern" that Gives You Speed and Accuracy

Rating: 5

Play Accordion For Beginners: Songs, Chords & Techniques

From Beginner To MASTER ACCORDIONIST! Play Your Favorite Songs By Ear Using Chord Progressions & Professional Techniques

Rating: 5

Beyond Beginner Flute

Helping the Beginner Flutist Take Their Skills to the Next Level

Rating: 4.95

Modulation Guitar Pedals - Flanger, Chorus, Phaser and more

How To Sound Like Your Favourite Guitarist.

Rating: 4.875

Piano Lessons for Beginners Level 1

How to learn to play the piano properly using the "Two-Part System"

Rating: 4.83333

Learn 17 simple scales on harmonica - scales are the way in!

Scales are the way in: without them you will have a very limited approach to music and improvising

Rating: 4.75

LaHoChi de la 13ème Octave

Apprendre à canaliser une énergie douce et puissante

Rating: 4.75

Ear Training for Singers and Songwriters

Practice singing and hearing intervals from a 2nd to an octave

Rating: 4.7

Vocal Mixing Essentials

The complete guide!

Rating: 4.66667



Rating: 4.65

A Beginner's Guide To Modes On The Guitar

Learn The Modes in a relaxed and fun way with YouTube blogger Chris Zoupa

Rating: 4.65

Basic Carnatic Music - Level 1

Carnatic vocal lessons for beginners, kids and those who are interested in learning classical music

Rating: 4.6

Music Intervals Owned: Recognize intervals like a Beast!

Learn how to recognize musical intervals like a Beast!

Rating: 4.55

Music Theory Made Easy (Lessons 1-13)

Learning to navigate notes on the staff, on the keyboard, and through the Circle of 5ths.

Rating: 4.55

Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide

(PART-1) Learn Carnatic Flute Beginner's course. Become a good player and prepare yourself to learn various Raagas

Rating: 4.5

Learn guitar the Right way! Beginner to intermediate guitar

9 hours! Beginner to intermediate guitar with proper technique. Understand the "why" behind what you play on guitar

Rating: 4.5

20 awesomely different ways to play a tune on your harmonica

This course shows you more than 20 different ways to play a melody to give your playing variety, interest and dynamics

Rating: 4.5

Modulation in Communication System for RF Engineers RAHRF152

Analog and Digital Modulation simplified for Radio Frequency experts This course concentrates more on ideology than math

Rating: 4.475

Arpeggios for Guitar made Easy - The Magic of Triads

Learn to Play Triads and Arpeggios on Guitar for Rock Music, Pop, Neo-Classical and Blues/Jazz.

Rating: 4.45

Basic Carnatic Music - Level 2

Carnatic music for all music lovers and those who have completed Learn Basic Carnatic Music - Level 1

Rating: 4.42857

State-Space Modelling & Simulation of Electrical Circuits

Learn a basic topic in Electrical Engineering: how to model complex electrical circuits and how to simulate them

Rating: 4.4

Music Theory Made Easy (Lessons 14-27)

Minor keys, triads & 7th chords,, figured bass, Roman numerals, meter and rhythm.

Rating: 4.4

Learn How to Play the Melodica

Go from Complete Beginner to a Great Player on the Melodica

Rating: 4.28571

Ear Training for the Very Beginner Vol.2

Learn to identify intervals with this easy method.

Rating: 4.25

The Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook

Learn to hear, play and compose at the keyboard using the pentatonic scales

Rating: 4.2

mBot for Beginners

Playing and programming with mBot robot. With captions. Suitable for getting first educational robotics experience.

Rating: 4.2

Killer Picking Techniques For Lead Guitar

Discover The Picking Techniques That Will Kick Your Lead Playing Into Overdrive - For Rock, Metal, Blues & Beyond

Rating: 4.15

The Complete Music Theory Course: Level 1, 2 and 3

Everything you need to know about music theory from complete beginner to ABRSM Grade 5 Level

Rating: 4.125

Distortions, Fuzz, Pre Amp & everything about Guitar Drives

Ultimate guide to overdrive and distortion pedals.

Rating: 4.125

Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers and Producers

Learn to Create Amazing Compositions with Major and Minor Chords, and Understand Where and When to Use Your Notes

Rating: 4.05

THE EWI Start Up Mini-Course

Master the AKAI EWI 5000

Rating: 4

Corso Ableton Live base

Innovativo software usato dai migliori DJ e PRODUCER. Fai suonare la tua musica con Ableton!

Rating: 3.95

Lounge/Cocktail Bar Piano Jazz Course

Learn Jazz harmony and playing techniques

Rating: 3.9

Configure TIMBRES incríveis em pedais de guitarra no Setup

Aprenda sobre os diversos tipos de efeitos e combinações para explorar timbres maravilhosos

Rating: 3.83333

Learn Guitar quickly & simply! Crash course for beginners...

Learn popular tunes & chords like Titanic,Summer of 69,Harry Potter.. starting from basics, in this to-the-point course.

Rating: 3.83333

Learn all Piano Chords in all Piano Scales with logic

Master your all piano chords foundation theory in an easy mathematical way

Rating: 2.875

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